The Proposal

For my media diet I have decided to delete all social media apps Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Pinterest on my iphone (where I was using them the most) and stop using them on my laptop. Through this media diet I hope to disocver new ways of communicating and feeling connected to my friends and family, instead of taking the easy way out with social media. This will force me to truly have a conversation with important people in my life instead of just liking something. I am going to turn on my read receipts to feel pressed to respond to messages. As well I am going to call 5 people I haven’t talked to in a while during the week to personally catch up with each others lives. During this media diet I am curious what I will then do instead during these certain times of boredom, or transportation.¬†Additionally I wish gain back the feeling of being unplugged and in the moment, which I had when I was abroad. I hope to tame my “mindless” scrolling addiction, and put my time towards activities that are productive or fuel my passions.


SnapChat Walkthrough

For my walkthrough I decided to show my very non tech savy friend Katie the beauty of Snapchat. The reason I enjoy snapchat is because it is a quick and easy way to stay connected with friends and see what people are up to without much effort. So I explained the basics. Snapchat is a photo/video messaging application to use on your phone. I explained that you make a user name, add any contact or friend through your phone contacts or entering their user name. You can then take a snap of anything you wish, add a caption, filter, or time and then decide how many seconds your want it to be open for the person your sending it too. Next decide who you want to send it to. Snapchat lists your “best friends” (the people that snapchat or receive the most) and press send! Most recently snap stories have become a new ¬†fad, where instead of picking people to view your snap, you can post it to your story and have all the your snapchat contacts be able to view it. I helped Katie make a account, add contacts (mostly our sorority sisters) and send her first snap. I realized my own snapchat best friends were friends from home, and my cousins, people I don’t see on a day to day basis.