The Test

Day two of my media fast I completely forgot about the fast, and automatic logged onto facebook as soon as I opened my laptop, it was almost like an unconscious routine of my day.

Without the access of facebook I felt like I had no idea what was going on in my sorority. I relied on friends telling me what was going on. I missed signing up for particular fraternity event, and I was unaware of a location change of an event so I showed up at the wrong place for the event!

During times of transportation I was surprised to see how unaffected I was to not using social media as a time waster. Instead I resorted to listening and exploring different music on Spotify. As well I felt I became more in tune of what was going on around me, (literally, meaning I was people watching on the bus and CTA etc.) I began going on CNN, Style.com (It is Paris Fashion Week and without the use of Pintrest and instagram I missed out on the street style and runway looks), blogs, and Refinary29 on my commute. Basically I found other ways to entertain myself. I even started playing candy crush, which I never play. I’m not sure if any of these are actually more beneficial than what I was doing before. Although In conversations I felt much more present because the person I was talking to was my only focus.

After turning on my read receipts, I was much more aware of my response times. As well I would get annoyed when people didn’t respond to my messages quickly. As far as trying to call five people a week….. I called three, which isn’t too shabby considering this week I have been swamped. I called my mom (who I actually don’t talk to on the phone very often) cleared up some things that could have been misconstrued through texting. I called a good friend from home, it was nice to hear to her voice and tone in the way she spoke to me, however, I felt like our conversation was a bit rushed since she was with a group of her friend (I wonder if we would have been able to talk more, or feel more connected through texting each other). Lastly I spoke to a sorority sister who I actually see on a regular basis, but had some time to kill and felt like aimless conversation.

The one social media app I miss the most…… SnapChat!! I felt very unconnected to people I normal snap chat on a regular basis aka people I don’t see everyday.

Testing is still going strong!



The Proposal

For my media diet I have decided to delete all social media apps Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Pinterest on my iphone (where I was using them the most) and stop using them on my laptop. Through this media diet I hope to disocver new ways of communicating and feeling connected to my friends and family, instead of taking the easy way out with social media. This will force me to truly have a conversation with important people in my life instead of just liking something. I am going to turn on my read receipts to feel pressed to respond to messages. As well I am going to call 5 people I haven’t talked to in a while during the week to personally catch up with each others lives. During this media diet I am curious what I will then do instead during these certain times of boredom, or transportation. Additionally I wish gain back the feeling of being unplugged and in the moment, which I had when I was abroad. I hope to tame my “mindless” scrolling addiction, and put my time towards activities that are productive or fuel my passions.