The Test

Day two of my media fast I completely forgot about the fast, and automatic logged onto facebook as soon as I opened my laptop, it was almost like an unconscious routine of my day.

Without the access of facebook I felt like I had no idea what was going on in my sorority. I relied on friends telling me what was going on. I missed signing up for particular fraternity event, and I was unaware of a location change of an event so I showed up at the wrong place for the event!

During times of transportation I was surprised to see how unaffected I was to not using social media as a time waster. Instead I resorted to listening and exploring different music on Spotify. As well I felt I became more in tune of what was going on around me, (literally, meaning I was people watching on the bus and CTA etc.) I began going on CNN, Style.com (It is Paris Fashion Week and without the use of Pintrest and instagram I missed out on the street style and runway looks), blogs, and Refinary29 on my commute. Basically I found other ways to entertain myself. I even started playing candy crush, which I never play. I’m not sure if any of these are actually more beneficial than what I was doing before. Although In conversations I felt much more present because the person I was talking to was my only focus.

After turning on my read receipts, I was much more aware of my response times. As well I would get annoyed when people didn’t respond to my messages quickly. As far as trying to call five people a week….. I called three, which isn’t too shabby considering this week I have been swamped. I called my mom (who I actually don’t talk to on the phone very often) cleared up some things that could have been misconstrued through texting. I called a good friend from home, it was nice to hear to her voice and tone in the way she spoke to me, however, I felt like our conversation was a bit rushed since she was with a group of her friend (I wonder if we would have been able to talk more, or feel more connected through texting each other). Lastly I spoke to a sorority sister who I actually see on a regular basis, but had some time to kill and felt like aimless conversation.

The one social media app I miss the most…… SnapChat!! I felt very unconnected to people I normal snap chat on a regular basis aka people I don’t see everyday.

Testing is still going strong!



One thought on “The Test

  1. Chris R. says:

    Wow. So this is college life these days, eh? It’s been a long time since I worked my way through college. But now I have pre-college kids contemplating their college choices beginning soon. So, I’m starting to pay more attention to things I find like this … https://wordpress.com/read/post/id/74081224/24/ . Thanks for sharing your unique perspective on life (one that likely less than 10% Americans ever experience).


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